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I have been counting down the days until International Laura Wize Week. If you don’t know me personally then you probably have never heard of my week, but it’s amazing. My birthday is May 26th, and I celebrate for an entire week, and my whole crew celebrates with me.

International Laura Wize Week is the most empowering week of the year for me. I harness the power of dressing well, eating decadently, and spend quality time with my sister friends . Regardless of what is going on in my life, I wake up every day feeling fantastic.

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When I started ILWW it was honestly just for fun I liked the play on words, and I wanted a good excuse to get all my girls together for brunch. Every year becomes more meaningful. My tribe anticipates the schedule of events it’s like they are cheering me on to celebrate my birthday. ILWW is infectious, powerful, and at times humbling.

In a society that is always telling you to downplay yourself, it feels exhilarating to step out of my house with the highest level of confidence seven days in a row. I’m not international because I’m hopping on a private plane to the south of France. I’m international because you can’t smell a shrinking violet. There is power in knowing your place in this world.


After it’s all said and done, I spend an entire week with the people I love. This year I’m inviting all of my readers to International Laura Wize Week, I will be documenting all the style, life hacks, and sisterhood that goes down.

International Laura Wize Week Itinerary:

International Laura Wize Week

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