Style Sunday | The Dress That Looks Good On Everyone


I posted a picture of myself wearing a shirt dress on my Facebook page and one of my friends commented and said, “that dress looks great on you, but I couldn’t wear it I don’t have a butt.” I replied back to her that I’m a wearing shirtdress, and it is one of the most universally flattering dresses ever, it looks good on just about anyone. It is the easiest style of dress to wear. The structure in a shirtdress give the body shape and creates curves where there may or may not be any.  You can dress a shirtdress up with accessories or wear flats and go casual which makes the style perfect for any occasion.

Also, my friend mentioned she thought about purchasing the dress, but she passes. I asked, “Did you try it on?” The answer was no. Stop looking at clothes on a hanger and ruling them out. Is there a monster in the dressing room? Don’t be afraid to try something on. There is no Lockdress Monster in the dressing room have no fear if it doesn’t look right no one has to know, I try on things all the time and wonder what even possessed me to think the item would look good on me.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESDress: Fashion to Figure, Necklace: Mr.Kate, Shoes: Target Old

As flattering as this style is I know there can be some challenges with a shirtdress. Having a large bust creates a problem with any item of clothing that buttons. I have incorporated a new busty girl hack; I use double sided fashion tape so that the area between the buttons doesn’t gap. If you are more self-conscious about your midsection, look for a shirtdress that is more A-line at the bottom.





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    1. I love white 🙂 I have been drawn to it this season. White is a one wear situation so when I chose to rock it I am going for an ultra chic look. Once the night is over it’s time to wash it and hand back in the closet.


  1. Good tips for your friend! I can’t tell you how many items I thought I couldn’t wear until I tried them on. You look amazing in your shirtdresses!

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    1. I do wear shape wear to have a smoother look but I truly feel a shirt dress is universally flattering. Do consider pushing your sleeves up above your elbow so the line of your sleeve is higher than your midsection it keeps the eye above that area also 🙂 Show some arm 🙂


  2. Life changed with the double sided tape trick! I have that exact issue and never thought of anything like that! Loving the orange dress!!


    1. It’s my all purpose dress style. It always works for me I have to have one in a luxe fabric to go out in and a cotton shirtdress for the daytime. Wear it unbutton over pants and now I have duster.. LOL.. all purpose.

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