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Having a side hustle ain’t easy but somebody’s got to make space for it, and it might as well be you. Having a home office is possible even if you don’t think you have space, trust me I know. My small style studio is more like a style corner, but it is entirely functional and suits my needs as a lifestyle blogger. I’ve found ways to tuck away my craft tools, photo props, and made space for the clothes that I need to style for future looks.

You may not be a blogger, but my tips will help you take your small messy space and transform it into a  Pinterest-worthy nook.



When there is a will there is a way!

You can find space where ever you are the reality is you’re going to have to sacrifice something. My office is in my small bedroom I had to remove furniture that I had before and donate it to the Goodwill to make space. If you want an office, you may have to give up some living space. I know a few people who use there eat in kitchen area or have dedicated half of their living room for their business.

Get Inventive

Got a door? Use that vertical space for all it’s worth. If you have an extra closet, measure it and see if you can fit a small desk inside of the closet, you can close the closet door when you have guests.  Below is the back of my bedroom door I bought a clear shoe organizer and filled it with craft supplies. It helps me see everything that I have and keeps my desk from being overcrowded with my supplies.


Stay Inspired


Be sure to incorporate images that will inspire you in your space. I created a gallery wall with framed art. I DIY-ed my framed art by framing greeting that I purchased in an art museum gift shop. If you are into art buying small prints and postcards is a great way to have the art that inspires you without breaking the bank! If you don’t have a lot of wall space consider posting an inspirational quote that will inspire you to stay motivated.

 Stay on theme


I started researching home office organization and got overwhelmed. I had to stop over thinking it and prioritize by what I needed to be productive in my space. I knew that I need to be able to see the clothes that I planned on styling. Mixing my new purchases with the rest of my wardrobe was ineffective everything was getting lost in the shuffle. I bought a clothes rack at Target so that anything I planned on using to style a look could be hung up and out in the open. Don’t get too overzealous about Martha Stewart level organization, something about your current set up isn’t working figure out what that is and address it.

I hope these tips inspire you to get your home office style in order. There comes a time when you have set up your side hustle so it can be your main hustle or at the very least function so business can be handled. If you have questions about how to get your space in order let me know in the comments below.

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