Style Sunday | Floral for Spring.. Groundbreaking


Happy Easter Everyone!

Everyone is putting on their Sunday best today and I can’t wait to see little girls in their Easter’s finest.  Easter is a long day for me between church, cooking, and entertaining guests. I wanted to look put together while maintaining a laid back feel. This floral maxi dress from Boohoo is doing all the hard work for me the small details make all the difference. I love the cold shoulder detail and the slight high-low hem line. This dress is so comfortable I don’t see myself needing to change out of it halfway through the day and it will blend in with the rest of my spring/summer wardrobe.





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How to Style A Slip Dress | Curves Edition


I always feel like I got cheated because I wanted to be an adult in the 90’s. It just looked like so much fun. More than anything I wanted to wear a slip dress it felt so rebellious, every school dress code stated that students were not to wear underwear as outerwear. I have an overall obsession with slips.Wearing a slip is like wearing lingerie under your clothes so the idea of wearing sexy lingerie as evening wear is my idea of a good time!

A slip dress can be unforgiving, but I still say go for it! Most slips are cut on the bias which can be very figure flattering if you are curvy. It’s all about picking a dress with quality fabric. Look for a dress with lace appliques or lace on the trim that give a lingerie look if you’re hesitant about wearing lingerie.

Styling tips for wearing a slip dress:


option 2

If you are concerned about exposing your arms or hesitant about looking too risque, remember slip dresses are ideal for layering. I love the idea of wearing a slipdress with a light duster coat or trench coat. The lace details and soft fabric will give a playful peek a boo element to your entire look. Sexy but not too over the top.

Sex up to Sex down


Feeling adventurous play with juxtaposition and pair your slip dress with sporty elements for a street style look. You can wear an oversized bomber jacket, a structured military anorak jacket, or a leather jacket.

Double Up



I wore two dresses to achieve one look. The oversized sheer tunic (similar found here) paired with this slip dress was perfect because the tunic was sheer it doesn’t distract the eye from the dress. This look could also work with a long line kimono. I like the idea of creating a set but this dress could work great alone. My dress is from NY&Co, the retailer recently expanded their online selection to go up to a size 20. I bought this dress in an XL but it sold up to a XXL.

Will you be wearing a slip dress this spring?

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Style Sunday | Home Office Style


Having a side hustle ain’t easy but somebody’s got to make space for it, and it might as well be you. Having a home office is possible even if you don’t think you have space, trust me I know. My small style studio is more like a style corner, but it is entirely functional and suits my needs as a lifestyle blogger. I’ve found ways to tuck away my craft tools, photo props, and made space for the clothes that I need to style for future looks.

You may not be a blogger, but my tips will help you take your small messy space and transform it into a  Pinterest-worthy nook.



When there is a will there is a way!

You can find space where ever you are the reality is you’re going to have to sacrifice something. My office is in my small bedroom I had to remove furniture that I had before and donate it to the Goodwill to make space. If you want an office, you may have to give up some living space. I know a few people who use there eat in kitchen area or have dedicated half of their living room for their business.

Get Inventive

Got a door? Use that vertical space for all it’s worth. If you have an extra closet, measure it and see if you can fit a small desk inside of the closet, you can close the closet door when you have guests.  Below is the back of my bedroom door I bought a clear shoe organizer and filled it with craft supplies. It helps me see everything that I have and keeps my desk from being overcrowded with my supplies.


Stay Inspired


Be sure to incorporate images that will inspire you in your space. I created a gallery wall with framed art. I DIY-ed my framed art by framing greeting that I purchased in an art museum gift shop. If you are into art buying small prints and postcards is a great way to have the art that inspires you without breaking the bank! If you don’t have a lot of wall space consider posting an inspirational quote that will inspire you to stay motivated.

 Stay on theme


I started researching home office organization and got overwhelmed. I had to stop over thinking it and prioritize by what I needed to be productive in my space. I knew that I need to be able to see the clothes that I planned on styling. Mixing my new purchases with the rest of my wardrobe was ineffective everything was getting lost in the shuffle. I bought a clothes rack at Target so that anything I planned on using to style a look could be hung up and out in the open. Don’t get too overzealous about Martha Stewart level organization, something about your current set up isn’t working figure out what that is and address it.

I hope these tips inspire you to get your home office style in order. There comes a time when you have set up your side hustle so it can be your main hustle or at the very least function so business can be handled. If you have questions about how to get your space in order let me know in the comments below.

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Style Sunday | 5 Affordable Must Have Spring Handbags


As my wardrobe matures along with me, I understand the importance of cost per wear. I love the look and feel of a designer leather handbag, but I reserve those purchases for timeless pieces. When I want to update my wardrobe with trendy of the moment accessories I search for inexpensive options. The upside to the American consumer becoming health obsessed is that faux leather has improved in texture, quality, and durability. Goodbye pleather, Hello vegan leather!


Cross Your Heart and Hope to Slay

The crossbody is to handbags what ready to wear is fashion. Sure you love your designer satchel, but it weighs you down when you’re running your errands. A crossbody with interesting details can spice up your off-duty weekend jeans and  t-shirt. You can have a little fun with this canteen studded bag (Target $29.99) or go classic in a standout color. saddle bag (Target $34.99).








A Tote With an Attitude

A tote bag is an essential. What separates my favorite tote from all the other basic totes are the tassels! You probably saw this bag in a past Style Sunday. It caught my eye at TJ Maxx and when I saw the price tag I immediately bought it. I have searched high and low and have not been able to find it online. I have however found a great option from ASOS ($51.76).



Clutch on For Dear Life

What is it about a purse mostly reserved for cocktail hour that makes you want every cute one you come across.  Well, I found two clutches that have their fair share of cuteness that did not break the bank. This zip pouch ($16.99) from Target is colorful and full of potential it has  pockets on the inside for your credit cards to keep you organized. It’s small enough to toss into your everyday bag and carry after work to happy hour.Not only is this envelope clutch (DSW $34.95)the Pantone color of the year (FYI: rose and serenity are the colors for 2016) but it is ridiculously functional with storage in the fold over flap and the top zip pocket. It also has a detachable chain and can be worn as a crossbody bag, how is that for multifunctional..The clutch is from Urban Expression a brand that prides itself on offering quality vegan leather.







 Let me know which purse is your favorite in the comments below.

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Slut Shaming vs. Good Girl Defaming



Slut Shaming

Women’s sexuality has always been under a microscope. How a woman is perceived sexually can ultimately define her before she has a chance to define herself. Society and it’s unbalanced gender roles persecute women every day. The term slut shaming is so refreshing because they’re the perfect words to call attention to sexist beliefs.

Slut shaming is real, and I recently had to advise my teenage daughter of ways to protect herself from being affected by it. I warned her to watch how she interacts with boys at school because no matter what happened it’s always his word against yours. Slut shaming isn’t just the act of criticizing a woman for her real sexual acts. It’s judgment about presumed sexual activity, based on a woman’s behavior.

There is no magical number of sexual interactions that keep someone from deeming a woman slutty. Anytime a woman’s sexuality steps outside the boundaries of any random onlooker she can now be labeled as a slut.


Recently what has appalled me is how damned women and their sexuality is.  Celebrities, Ciara and Megan Good, admitted to practicing celibacy and were subsequently mocked. I recently read an article on titled, Unpopular Opinion: I’m Not Buying This Abstinent Ish, Ciara & Russell Wilson Should Just Have Sex. After reading the article, I thought this isn’t slut shaming this is good girl defaming.

From my feminist standpoint, sexual freedom for women is to be able to operate sexually without judgment. If you aren’t free to have sex on your terms then what is the point? If sex is a package deal with a committed relationship what is wrong with waiting? Women are subject to be ostracized whether we do or do not have sex, so we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Why can’t a woman’s right to own her sexuality be supported?


I wanted to look at the issue of slut shaming and good girl defaming from both ends of the spectrum. I wrote a post almost a year ago about, Keeping My Cookie In the Jar, I expressed  my views on casual sex when you are seeking to be in a long term relationship. I noticed that people were being made uncomfortable by that fact that I was willing to sacrifice casual sex. When I was more active, I would get a high five for spilling the juicy details of a late night rendezvous, but the notion of going without sex seemed preposterous.

I didn’t acknowledge my part in slut shaming until someone else called it to my attention. I was upset about memes that were being shared on social media that put down women. Initially, all the memes seemed like they were in good fun but eventually, I noticed men were using memes to attack women and disguising it as a joke. When I expressed how I felt about it to friend she let me know that I had said similar things. From that moment I started to pay attention to how I labeled women because I was making hurtful comments based on superficial appearances of women, that I barely knew. It’s not fair of me to demand men to respect women when I am not exhibiting the highest level of respect to my fellow woman.

Amber Rose was recently interviewed on It’s Not You, It’s Men where she discussed sexual consent. Amber stated that she is sexually assaulted all the time. The co-host of the show, Tyrese,  tried to reduce her experiences by saying her energy is inviting people to grope and touch her. I understood why he said what he said but in his response he was wrong. Society has always viewed women as property, and the misconception about women being property is that we are public property and not private. Women are the only property that can be mishandled based on appearance.


If a Lamborghini is sitting in a parking lot with the keys in the ignition, you can’t steal it. If the owner of the vehicle caught you mishandling their property, you would not be able to give the excuse that you felt the cars energy, and it was asking for you to steal it. You wouldn’t be able to drive a car that you don’t own without the owners consent. A man trying to minimize sexual consent to a misunderstanding is just as ridiculous as a thief explaining why they stole a car.

I also read The Wait, written by Devon Franklin and Megan Good. I read it with the hope of the story being told from both of their perspectives. The book is mainly written by Devon and has insight from Megan in each chapter. The principals outlined in, The Wait, are Christian faith-based, so it is a religious lifestyle enhancement.

The Wait makes great contextual points that I would consider relevant aside from its religious views. What I took from Megan’s point was she was tired and that she needed a change in her life. Women changing how they view sex based on their individual outlooks is healthy. Why is the media quick to scold women for changing their sexual activity? Being the polar opposite causes you to be slut shamed. When a man decides to become a reformed playboy he is celebrated, and it is viewed as a coming of age.  That same notion is not extended to women.

There is ridicule on both ends of the spectrum for women. We, as women, need to give each other room to choose. Enforce sexual freedom by acknowledging that all sexual choices are equal. No one act will make you any less of a woman. You can change the way you exhibit your sexuality at any time for any reason. There is power and boldness to making the choice for yourself.

I stopped slut shaming because it is not an effect way of expressing how I feel about another woman’s actions. There is no perfect mathematical ratio of sex that keeps you from being a hoe. To change the perspective of women’s sexuality, women have to extend grace to each other and call attention to sexually bias standards. I think good girl defaming is coming from a place of fear in an over sexualized society. It is more than clear that searching for a man in an hypersexualized atmosphere is increasingly difficult. If women are merging spirituality and sexuality to attain life balance it is just as logical as any other healthy lifestyle adjustment. If abstinence and sexual activity are neutralized it evens the playing field for real sexual freedom among women.

giphy (1)


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Style Sunday | Jump In To It!



I recently organized my closet, and while I was deciding which items to keep, I realized that I have five jumpsuits. I found this ironic because for the longest time I avoided jumpsuits at all costs! I was under the impression that a jumpsuit would highlight my midsection in an unflattering way.

I was pressed for time one day and picked up a few items and tried on a jumpsuit and I have been hooked ever since. Today I am your personal shopper. I have found some great jumpsuits, and I am breaking down how they will flatter your body.


An Apple A Day

Jumpsuit 3

If you’re an Apple shape or an inverted triangle, don’t be afraid of a jumpsuit it can give the appearance of an hourglass figure. Make sure the fabric is forgiving. If the fabric bunches or it is too tight, you won’t get as crisp of a look. Also, look for a jumpsuit with wide legs to add volume to your bottom half.  This jumpsuit from City Chic is a great investment piece for your evening wear.

Sexy Pears Ahead

Juipsuit 2

Pear shaped divas you are in luck a jumpsuit is your friend. Find one that is more fitted through your bust and waist area and flows over your hips. It will draw attention to your small waist. You will be serving a Grecian feel in the jumpsuit from Ashley Stewart.

Every Hour Of The Day


Hourglass ladies, the jumpsuit, was made with your shape in mind. You can rock any of this jumpsit but if you want to be fire alarm sexy allow me to introduce you this suit from Rue 107, It will turn heads and flatter every curve on your body. This jumpsuit can flatter a variety of shapes if you want some additional coverage I would recommend finding a complimentary long line duster.

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