DIY Heart Wreath

I am team single this Valentines Day but being single never stops my fun!! Valentines Day is the only holiday you can rock pink, buy conversation hearts, and eat as many boxes of chocolate as you want!  I have no issue with being my own Valentine. I wanted to usher the spirit of love into my home by making this  DIY heart shaped wreath.

For this project you will need:

Coffee filters ( I used two packs, but the amount depends on the size of the heart)

Two tea bags ( I used Tazo Passion Tea for the color)


A heart shaped item/ or you can freehand a heart


Box cutter

Satin ribbon

Hot glue gun

Step One (optionalDSCN1702

Boil water and steep the tea bags, being sure to press the tea bags to get as much color from the tea as possible. Saturate the coffee filters in the tea for at least 10 minutes or until you achieve your desired color.

PS. Dying the coffee filters this way is time-consuming which is why step one is optional. You can always spray paint the coffee filters after you adhere them to the wreath form. I just wanted the delicate color that comes from dying with tea.

Step two:


Allow the coffee filters to dry completely. In this picture, I have them stacked, but the filters dry much faster when you lay each filter out individually. I learned the hard the hatd way!!

Step three:DSCN1780

Trace your heart shaped item onto the cardboard. I used a cardboard project display board from the dollar store and a foam heart from Michael’s.


Step four:


Cut the heart shape out with the scissors to create your wreath form.

Step five:


Once you have cut out, the wreath form find the center of the heart and create a slit with a box cutter.

Step six:


Pull the ribbon through the slit you created with the box cutter. Tie the ribbon into a bow so you can hang your wreath when you are finished.

Step seven:

Fold a coffee filter into fourths. You can do this by folding in half four times.

Step eight:


Glue down the folded coffee filter. Continue folding and gluing down the petals until the heart is complely covered.


The finished product should look like this:


I styled my DIY wreath by layering it over a wreath I found at the dollar store for extra dimension. What do you think about layer wreaths???

I love how this wreath turned out.This project is an awesome DIY project for a wedding or for a girl’s princess room. You can also use the dyed coffee filters to create paper flowers and use them as decor. (pictured below)


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