New Year, New Squad Goals | Vision Board Party

As 2015 was coming to a close, I noticed people complaining about New Year, New Me. As if the desire to improve one’s self at the start of each year is an inconvenience to all of mankind. I see nothing wrong with resolving to be better. You don’t have to feel obligated to be who you were in your past. Don’t let a meme talk you out of personal enrichment.

It is so easy to be inundated with negative images. Everything we read or see is subconsciously affecting how we operate in daily life.At the start of the year, I feel that is important to input the first images of positivity in my mind. Creating a vision board helps remind me of the identity I have before worldly influence.

This year I wanted to start my year by creating a clear mind space and encourage positivity in the lives of the women in my sister circle.  I invited all of my friends over for a vision board party. I provided the magazines and poster board and told them to envision their 2016.


You can make a vision board alone but gathering your friends for this activity creates a sense of accountability. Once you share your goals and desires, they become real. It also sets up an encouragement team. After we had finished our vision boards, we all agreed to check up on each other throughout the year.

What you will need to throw a vision board party:

Poster Board


Permanent markers

Glue Sticks (traditional Elmer’s glue ruins the magazine paper)

Optional- Wine (wine always helps)

One of my 2016 goals is to create community and grow within my “tribe” Your tribe is a group of people who you plan to develop with and achieve success. I encourage you to gather your good friends and exchange your game plans for 2016 because it takes a village to get a goal accomplished. The people in your circle may have access to tools that you may need, even if all you need is a push in the right direction.

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23 responses to “New Year, New Squad Goals | Vision Board Party”

  1. Yasssss! I’m looking to put my tribe together. I’m in Seattle and it feels like most of my tribe is everywhere but here. I plan to keep looking, lol! #BLMgirl

    1. Thanks for reading Jolyn! Email your tribe and tell them and tell them you want to encourage and support the goals. Have them put together a vision board and Skype, Face Time, of Facebook video chat them. My best friend and I have been touching base via video chat about a goals and it has been awesome to do a weekly check in. Accountability is key.

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  3. Love this! More and more I’m realizing the importance of having a strong and supportive group of friends around you and I definitely need to get on top of my visions board. Great post! #BLMGirl

    1. Thanks for reading!! Yes, it’s important to be around like minds but it is also important they challenge you as well!! Have a great year!

  4. i love this idea…especially the wine part ha ha

    1. Wine makes everything better!!

      1. i agree ha ha

  5. I love this!!!! I am also all about building my tribe here in NYC this year!!!

    1. Thanks for reading! Yes!! #squadgoals

  6. At a time where I feel MAJOR differences from my “friends,” this is soooo inspirational!!

    1. I have had times with my inner circle when we had major strain. It’s always good to come together on neutral ground and talk because sometimes people have issues within themselves and it comes out in their behavior. It can feel like it’s directed at you but it sometimes it had nothing to do with each other. A vision board party is a great way to find out what the root of an issue is with your friends.

  7. I love this so much!!! I definitely have to make one for myself.

    1. You definitely should make one. I always look at the previous year’s board and take in what came to fruition. I am always surprised at how much comes full circle.

  8. Love vision board parties – so much fun! #BLMGirls

    1. Thanks for reading!!

  9. I am having a vision board party next week with my girls. I am excited to envision my upcoming year but the follow through is an essential piece. We definitely need to plan for periodic check ups with each other to help keep us accountable.

    Tia ( #BLMgirl

    1. Yes, it’s important to have support for your goals. It’s also essential to create a plan along with your vision so you know how to navigate achieving your goals.

  10. I love it! Tribe building over here too! I will be getting my board done this weekend.

    1. Great!! I would love you see your vision board when you’re done 🙂

      1. Once I get it done, I will share a picture!

  11. You nailed it! I was just thinking this. Your choice to seek improvement should not be deterred because of a meme or social media.

    1. Yes!!! I can’t allow a picture with words on it to dictate the way I decide to take on a new year!.

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