New Year, New Squad Goals | Vision Board Party

As 2015 was coming to a close, I noticed people complaining about New Year, New Me. As if the desire to improve one’s self at the start of each year is an inconvenience to all of mankind. I see nothing wrong with resolving to be better. You don’t have to feel obligated to be who you were in your past. Don’t let a meme talk you out of personal enrichment.

It is so easy to be inundated with negative images. Everything we read or see is subconsciously affecting how we operate in daily life.At the start of the year, I feel that is important to input the first images of positivity in my mind. Creating a vision board helps remind me of the identity I have before worldly influence.

This year I wanted to start my year by creating a clear mind space and encourage positivity in the lives of the women in my sister circle.  I invited all of my friends over for a vision board party. I provided the magazines and poster board and told them to envision their 2016.


You can make a vision board alone but gathering your friends for this activity creates a sense of accountability. Once you share your goals and desires, they become real. It also sets up an encouragement team. After we had finished our vision boards, we all agreed to check up on each other throughout the year.

What you will need to throw a vision board party:

Poster Board


Permanent markers

Glue Sticks (traditional Elmer’s glue ruins the magazine paper)

Optional- Wine (wine always helps)

One of my 2016 goals is to create community and grow within my “tribe” Your tribe is a group of people who you plan to develop with and achieve success. I encourage you to gather your good friends and exchange your game plans for 2016 because it takes a village to get a goal accomplished. The people in your circle may have access to tools that you may need, even if all you need is a push in the right direction.

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