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DIY Left Over Station

You may never know why your cousin never brings more than his appetite to your family’s Thanksgiving dinner. You do know that he will leave with his fair share of aluminum foil covered styrofoam plates. If you can’t beat them join them!

This left over station isn’t just for what I like to call the “plate makers” it’s for you as a host as well.After dinner everyone is searching for grocery bags, paper plates, and foil. This to-go station places everything in a central location so people can pack up with ease at the end of the night.

The supplies you will need:

Plastic food containers

Disposable cutlery


Disposable cups of your choice

Grocery bags or bag of your choice


Keep in mind that my station is staged. I wanted it to photograph well but you can use what ever you have one hand to create this station. Also think outside the box when it comes to food storage. I love the idea of purchasing plastic food storage containers in lieu of allowing people to leave with paper plates. You may already have some containers you don’t need. Check restaurant supplies who will have large quantities of food storage options at great prices.

This will be a great resource and will keep you out of the kitchen at the end of the night. Your guest can help themselves while you enjoy the rest of your evening.

Use what you already have in your house to make the station festive. You  can repurpose baskets and vases to display seasonal decor. I designed sign and printed it to fit 4 X 7 frame. I added fun messages to plain brown paper gift bags from the dollar store.

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