Fall Accessories|DIY Boho Cuff

Fall Accessories|DIY Boho Cuff

The 70s are back in a major way for fall. Am I the only one super excited to pull out the suede fringe? Leather, suede and even vegan leather pieces are pricey. The way my bank account is set up I may not get a new jacket until Christmas.

I was cruising the craft store on my lunch hour and saw a bag of leather scraps for $10! Who knew fashion leftovers were so affordable. If you’re fall fashion budget is drying up this DIY is for you! We may not be able to buy the whole cow but a piece of a cow is better than no cow at all.  Never fear my PETA friends this project can work just as well with a nice peace of pleather.

For this project you will need:

Leather and Suede Scraps

E6000 or a very strong super glue

Agate stones or dyed imperial jadper stone (check Joann’s Fabric in store)

Plain brass cuff

Foam paint brush

Fabric shears or very sharp scissors

Marker or pen

not pictured: paper, liquid gilding paint or gold sharpie, small paint brush


Step 1:


Take a piece of paper and form it around your cuff being sure to make indentations. Uncrumple the paper from around the bracelet and smooth the paper back out.  Trace lines of the cuff with a marker and cut out the shape to make your own pattern. Leave about a 1/4 of an inch excess when you are tracing the perimeter. You can cut it down to size after but you can never add more leather.

It should look like this when you finish:


Step 2:


You can pin your pattern to the suede or you can trace it onto the fabric directly. Cut out the shape. Lay the suede over the cuff to ensure it fits. If it’s a little big just cut it to size.

Step 3:



Spread  the super glue  evenly onto the cuff with the foam brush. Lay the suede with the right side facing you onto the cuff. Smooth it out to ensure that it is laying flat on the cuff. Allow it to dry for about 30 minutes.

Step 4 (optional):


I wanted to give the stones some texture. I painted the edges with gold gilding paint. This step is totally optional.

Step 5:


Apply the super glue to the back of the stone and adhere them to the bracelet. I recommend securing the placement of the stones with a clip or clothes pin. Allow the stones to dry overnight before wearing the cuff.


“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.”- Oscar de la Renta

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    • Thanks. I try to do things that don’t take much time and that don’t require special tools. 🙂 Kinda like a anyone can craft guide!

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