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Are You A Slutsexual????

     IMG_3405Slutsexual: a person who enjoys sexual thoughts, sexual conversation, or fun flirting with no real intent on having sex.

Do you have slutty thoughts but good girl intentions? If you have ever seen the movie  Pretty Woman, Vivian (Julia Roberts) and Kit (Laura San Giacomo) have a saying that brings dignity to their working girl profession “I say who, I say when, and I say how much!”  Slutsexuals have the tendency to exclaim who but seldom get around to the when or the how much.

I can totally relate to the woes of a slutsexual because I am one (a big one). The fantasy you create about someone you have been admiring from afar can often be way better than the reality. Why ruin the torrid love affair in your head based on who this person is?

Not sure if you’re a slutsexual. It’s okay I have gathered a list of slutsexual tendencies and how you can make them work for you and not against you.

You are a serial monogamist 

For as much as you like sex, you are definitely not going to have it with a stranger. For some strange reason, you think sex and relationships go together.  Which isn’t a bad thing but if you don’t get a solid perspective on your intimacy level with potential mates it can end disastrously for you.

Every conquest is not a qualified contestant to be your man. You have to take dating at face value and believe people when they say who they are. Stop fantasizing the moment you have a real conversation with your dream man.

If sex and being in a relationship go hand in hand in your mind there is nothing wrong with you; it ’s your space! You may want to consider dating for longer periods of time before creating a sexual relationship. It’s just sex; you ’ve had it before it ain’t going nowhere, you can wait!

Talk a good talk 

I hold a special place in my heart for ladies who catcall. You see a good-looking man you just can’t let him pass by without letting him know.  Being a big flirt is fun it gives me an excuse to utilize all my good pick up lines. Throwing out witty pickup lines is fun until you catch the ear of someone who takes you seriously.

Save a few one-liners for your girlfriends and have a good laugh later. It saves you from having to save yourself from that awkward didn’t mean to turn you on explanation.

The Ultimate 

Slutsexuals are the ultimate lady in the streets freak in sheets.  I may call out a fine man when I see one, I may make a dirty joke, I may even spit some fly game, but none of that out weighs my values. Once again I say who, I say when, and I say how much.

 I believe there is a misconception that owning your sexuality means having lots of sex with lots of different people. I think it means owning what you want and how you want it. So if I feel like my fun, fierce, sassy sex only belongs to a person who I have a level of trust with then it’s my business. It’s my responsibility to ensure that I am only having sex within the parameters in which I feel comfortable.

The bottom line here is the key to your freak is given to whomever you chose worthy at which the frequency you chose. As a woman, I honestly feel like there is pressure on both ends to give or not give it up. The true power lies in recognizing your boundaries and not wavering when society says to be anything other than what you are.

So are you a slutsexual?? Let me know in the comments below!!!

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