Those Jeans Cost How Much?? |Designer Denim in 3 Easy Steps!

I can’t lie I dropped out of Girls Scouts after five meetings. Getting ready for an 8 am troop meeting on a Saturday was just too much of a commitment. I was only sad about missing out on the patches!

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I was flipping through Lucky Magazine and a pair of jeans with patches caught my eye.  That was until I saw the price! I thought, “Hell, I can make that!”. I have been gathering patches since that day and the time has come to DIMDS .(Do it my damn self!!)

For this Project You Will Need:

Iron, Ironing board, Patches, and denim of your choiceDSCN0269

Step 1:

Pre-wash your denim before beginning this project. Patches adhere best to clean fabric. Lay your jeans flat to get an idea of how you want to arrange the patches. (If I could do this all over I may have put the shorts on and pinned a few patches on and went from there)

DSCN0291Step 2:

Apply the patches according to the directions. I had two different brands, but the instruction were identical. Place the patch on the fabric with the design facing up. Place a pressing cloth over the patch. (In my case it was some scrap fabric from a previous project) Turn the denim inside out and iron the patch on the reverse.


Step 3:

Allow the patches to set and wait at least 24-48 hours before sporting your new blues! Also, some patches adhere better than others have a needle and thread handy. You may need to sew a few patches to secure them, so they hold up over time.


For more patch denim ideas check out my Pintrest board.

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