5 Reasons to be Addicted to Seeing Yourself Sexy

Your only true job is to be attracted to yourself. If you are not attracted to yourself losing ten pound will not help. ┬áIt’s a…

DIY Painted Lawn Chair

Who doesn’t love a free concert, free movie in the park, free free free. I love packing up a cooler full of goodies and gathering…

5 Ways Aging Gracefully Changes Everything

The older I get the more I feel society telling me that women have a golden age. Like we are valuable for a period of time and then we are no longer are of use. Getting older is a freaking badge of honor and I plan to wear mine proudly!

Those Jeans Cost How Much?? |Designer Denim in 3 Easy Steps!

I can’t lie I dropped out of Girls Scouts after five meetings. Getting ready for an 8am troop meeting on a Saturday was just too much of a commitment. I was only sad about missing out on the patches!