Stop Letting VBO Be Your Confidence Killer

If you’re anything like me you’re wondering, what the hell is VBO? Visible belly outline it’s what the girdle didn’t pull back. It’s taboo and it is keeping you from feeling good in your clothes.

Who, What, Wear, Plus Size

If you’re anything like me you’re wondering, what the hell is VBO? Visible belly outline it’s what the girdle didn’t pull back. It’s taboo, and it is keeping you from feeling good in your clothes.

After reading Gabi Gregg’s article about respectability, I realized that I am never overly critical of others. I love when a woman has the confidence to leave her house looking good. When it comes to my own looks, I review Facebook pictures like football playbacks.

Is my eye trained to hate itself? I wonder how I would feel about myself if the ideal body image had not been indelibly printed on my brain. This perfect proportion myth that is marketed in promotional clothing campaigns.  I have decided that if I love my body, I plan to embrace my VBO.

3 tips on how to overcome your VBO anxiety:

Choose your poison

I balance my media intake and read lots of body positive media. I still read Instyle Magazine and Vogue, but I use them as inspiration and less as a model for how I see myself. My confidence comes from within but seeing other awesome bloggers embrace themselves does reinforce my beliefs.

Let it Go


After you get dressed, don’t let the imperfections get you down. Accept the compliments and ignore the haters. The reality is it’s not your job to have the perfect body. If you had a personal chef, home gym, and Photoshop you would always look good too. You know Beyonce travels with her photographer. Her Instagram feed is being curated better than the Museum of Modern Art!


Smooth it out

There is a fine line between VBO and needing to go up a size. If the dress fits and you feel like a little shape-wear would go a long way, go for it. Have you ever heard the saying “must be jelly because jam don’t shake like that.” If all is smooth, then make the next move. Just keep in mind smooth doesn’t equal flat.

Wear what makes you feel good. Don’t be afraid to try out a new style and don’t let your flaws get you down.

Shop my shapewear favorites!

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16 Inexpensive Products to Update Your Summer Look

I have answered your prayers with a favorites list that will not break the bank. (Maybe I am just answering my own prayers) I love mixing high and low-end brands.  These are my current obsessions:

Skin Care


There are pros and cons in the summer months for me…. shine and shine. I want that JLo glow but since I have oily skin I end up looking greasy like Jermaine Jackson. Carol’s Daughter Acai Exfoliating Toner is perfect for removing excess oil. It cleans without striping my skin of its natural moisture. Plus it smells super yummy.

I am addicted to Garnier Clean invigorating daily scrub. It is made with peppermint which makes your skin instantly clean. It is suggested for normal skin but the formula is oil free and I haven’t any excess oil build up. My face has felt so clean I proudly participate in no make up Monday!

I am about to hip you to one of my ultimate skin care steals…. I never buy body butter from The Body Shop!! I buy it from TJ Maxx. I may not have the newest scent but I pay $5.99 for a full size tub. I snagged the Honeymania scenta few weeks ago and I can’t get enough. I enjoy smelling like a warm organic scent and this is right up my ally.



If you’re a makeup junky then you may already have the Urban Decay Electric Pallet. If you are a neutral eye shadow girl trust me this pallet can still work for you. The colors are vibrant and can be toned down with your existing neutral colors.

I have read a few magazine that stated you should give up matte lips for summer and I completely disagree. Wet N Wild mega matte lipsticks are not overly drying and have great color. I am currently obsessed with purty persimmon. The color is orange with a slight hint of red. Hot tamale lips to go with the summer  Other colors I like in the collection are mauve outta here and bare it all. (PS if you want the glossy look just add some clear gloss over the matte lipstick)

With so many nail colors to choose from these are my current faves: From Essie, play date and chillato. I love Sally Hansens no light gel polishes(insider tip: use the gel top coat on any brand of polish to prevent chips in your manicure) B.Girl. Sinful Colors, Innocent.




I got this black beach bag from H&M I thought it would make a great on the town bag. I plan to make an insert bag to conceal my wallet and other items. If you are not feeling crafty a printed makeup bag would work as well.  I thought it look like art sitting on the shelf. I have been skeptical of JustFab for several years but I can say now I am a believer. This pair is comfortable and the straps are super sexy. A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes




Betsy Johnson collaborated with Kleenex and created these adorable tissue boxes. For a girl with allergies at least I can be cute while I am having a sneezing fit!!

Temporary tatoos are not just for kids anymore! They are the new sexy summer accessory that will draw the eye to where ever you chose to put them. Try adding them in non traditional places on the body. I plan to wear mine with swimwear and on the street as well. These are designed by Ephemera locally in Cincinnati but you can find them online. Stay tuned I plan on styling these soon!