Harnessing the Power of Spring Cleaning

This post will be the first of my harnessing the power series. Being powerful is a grand concept it seems that power is associated with big things, or big people. Power is an everyday thing for everyday people and yes you can be powerful. Just to muster up the energy it takes to pull yourself together and come out of the house takes power.

Power is also something that is associated with a finished product. It takes a whole cast and crew to make a movie but only the actors get recognition. I feel like that’s how our lives work we see someones finished product and give it all the praise. We all know it takes work. Spring cleaning is the work that has the best tag line that no one likes to tackle, including me.

Spring cleaning is like New Year’s Resolutions sometimes we keep the promise and sometimes we don’t. I think that it takes a million small steps to take a giant leap. The best place to start spring cleaning is your vanity. Your face is the first thing you see every morning; you are the cast and crew that determines whether you’re a star or not.

The best way to ensure star quality skin is keeping clean makeup brushes and toss out old expired make up.This quick inexpensive make up brush cleaner will jump-start the spring cleaning your vanity needs.

For this project you will need:


A gentle liquid soap (I’m using Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Pure-Castile Liquid)
Rubbing alcohol
Spray bottle
Adhesive labels
You may also need, a funnel or a tablespoon

Put two parts liquid soap to one part alcohol in the spray bottle and mix with warm water. Screw the pump back to the spray bottle and shake, shake, shake. The cleaner is ready to use immediately. Spray a few pumps on your brushed, rinse them out with a little warm water and let them air dry.

Now don’t you feel powerful. Liquid castile soap can be pricey but luckily I found a travel size bottle for 1.99 at Target! I already had rubbing alcohol on hand so I have enough makeup brush cleaner to last me a while. For more information about when to toss your make up out check out this article from the experts at Sephora.
What power do you want to harness? Want more Wize Tips let me know in the comment section below!

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