DIY Tassel Necklace


You know what they say, if you like it then you should have put a tassel on it. OK, no one says that but I felt that way when I fell in love on with an Isabel Marant beaded tassel necklace. It felt as though we were meant to be until I realized it was $480 and we quickly realized we weren’t meant to be. The best part about a trend is that it is going to move down the supply chain. Think Meryl Streep as Miranda Presley’s speech about cerulean in The Devil Wears Prada. At some point, it will become accessible, and when it did I was internet stalking it on Eloquii, and it sold out before pay-day.
I was sad; until I took a stroll through Joann’s Fabrics, and found these faux leather tassels!!! I bought them and knew that with a little wisdom I could take fashion into my hands!
For this project you will need:
Pre-made tassels
Chain of your desired length
embroidery floss four packs and two different color
Jump Rings
Tape of any kind
Two hair pins or bobby pins
Optional: jump rings

Step 1. Lay out you chain and then measure a length of embroidery floss twice the length of the chain cut and repeat until there is no more embroidery floss left. Continue until there is no more floss left in the pack. Be sure to keep your two colors separate

Step 2. Tie the embroidery floss in a knot around the first link on one end of the chain. Tape the knotted end to your workspace.

Step 3. Braid the embroidery floss under the chain alternating the colors by pulling the floss through the chain with the bobby pin. (very similar to using a needle and thread)

Step 4. Tie the remaining floss in a knot at the end. In all honesty, if you cut floss long enough you can tie a knot, and it will be sufficient without a closure. If not, pull out the lobster claw and jump ring and get busy.


Step 5. Open a jump ring and attach the tassel to the jump ring. Select where on the necklace you want the tassel. Attach with a jump ring to the chain and close the jump ring. Repeat this step with many or as little tassels as you like



Torrid: Shirt, Torrid:Sunglasses

If you make a tassel necklace, I would love to see!!  Post a picture on Facebook or Instagram #ohwizeone

Word to the wise

If my tassel necklace isn’t your style check out other tassel inspiration on my pintrest board. To get a better look at the for braiding technique check out the video from youtube that inspired me here: