DIY Mr Kate Bow Earrings | A Hot DIY Mess

First, let me apologize crimes were committed during the making of this DIY. First I was actually in the process of getting ready to go out while making this DIY. Needless to say you see my real chipped nail polish. While tacky I didn’t want to not document this project, so tacky wins this battle. I love Mr Kate jewelry. I also love the title of her upcoming book A Hot Glue Gun Mess because it’s super fitting to how this DIY went down.

This journey began while I was getting dressed to go to a Jazmine Sullivan concert. I knew I wanted the Mr Kate cadeau clip on earrings but had no time for shipping and handling. (being a diva on a budget is never easy). I then also realized that I didn’t have a bag that I felt matched the low-key concert vibe I was going for. I thought about The Curvynista’s post Bag Lady on fun statement bags and it hit me that I had a purse falling apart and some pom poms. The rest is DIY history.

For these project you will need:




Small bow pins

Clip on earring posts

Liquid gold leafing in your desire color (I used silver and brass)

E6000 or super glue

Paint brush

 For the purse

An old clutch

Yarn pom poms

Hot glue gun



  1.              Shake the liquid leaf to ensure it is well mixed
  2. Paint the pins and allow them to dry
  3. Pull the pin out with a pair of pliers
  4. Place a small amount of glue on the earring post and adhere to the brooch
  5. Use a clothes pin to hold the post in place and allow to dry for up to 4 hours



  1. Cut any unwanted features off the clutch (if your purse does not have pockets move on to step 2)
  2. Lay out your design on the purse first
  3. Place a drop of hot glue on the pom-pom and attach to the purse
  4. Allow to dry for an hour

DSCN0138 DSCN0145 DSCN0147

My outfit pics are live action shots, blogger world problems. Can you believe my friends actually wanted to enjoy the concert? My look was very laid back urban farmer, I styled these pieces with my denim overalls. I really loved my purse I got teased a little but I thought it was very quirky. Because #whynot

P.S. I took the nail polish off before going out!!

Harnessing the Power of Spring Cleaning

This post will be the first of my harnessing the power series. Being powerful is a grand concept it seems that power is associated with big things, or big people. Power is an everyday thing for everyday people and yes you can be powerful. Just to muster up the energy it takes to pull yourself together and come out of the house takes power.

Power is also something that is associated with a finished product. It takes a whole cast and crew to make a movie but only the actors get recognition. I feel like that’s how our lives work we see someones finished product and give it all the praise. We all know it takes work. Spring cleaning is the work that has the best tag line that no one likes to tackle, including me.

Spring cleaning is like New Year’s Resolutions sometimes we keep the promise and sometimes we don’t. I think that it takes a million small steps to take a giant leap. The best place to start spring cleaning is your vanity. Your face is the first thing you see every morning; you are the cast and crew that determines whether you’re a star or not.

The best way to ensure star quality skin is keeping clean makeup brushes and toss out old expired make up.This quick inexpensive make up brush cleaner will jump-start the spring cleaning your vanity needs.

For this project you will need:


A gentle liquid soap (I’m using Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Pure-Castile Liquid)
Rubbing alcohol
Spray bottle
Adhesive labels
You may also need, a funnel or a tablespoon

Put two parts liquid soap to one part alcohol in the spray bottle and mix with warm water. Screw the pump back to the spray bottle and shake, shake, shake. The cleaner is ready to use immediately. Spray a few pumps on your brushed, rinse them out with a little warm water and let them air dry.

Now don’t you feel powerful. Liquid castile soap can be pricey but luckily I found a travel size bottle for 1.99 at Target! I already had rubbing alcohol on hand so I have enough makeup brush cleaner to last me a while. For more information about when to toss your make up out check out this article from the experts at Sephora.
What power do you want to harness? Want more Wize Tips let me know in the comment section below!

Style Snatch: Rihanna inspired DIY

Causal global chic

Style Snatch: Rihanna inspired DIY

Several times a week I endlessly click through to escape the gray walls of my cubical and live vicariously through lives of the fashionistas in the street style section.The street style in New York City is delicious. This week when I saw Rihanna rocking an African print Stella Jean shirt dress I was inspired to get into my craft space and create.


(Photo credit Instagram badgalriri)

My African print bib necklace is a great way to get the look for less. I decided to wear my set with a structured shirt, a playful midi skirt and mix prints (which I am still learning to master). I think this necklace would make bad gal RiRi proud. You don’t have to use African print fabric; this project is versatile enough that you can switch up the fabric and beads to your personal taste. I’m demonstrating on a different fabric than the one I styled to show you the diversity of this piece.
For this project you will need:


Felt (one 8 1/2 by 11 square)
28 inches of 1-inch wide ribbon
1/2 yard of fabric
Fabric glue
Fabric scissors
E6000 or super glue suitable to use on fabric

Word to the wise: a little bar soap and water may come in handy


Step one: I created my own pattern by taking a bib necklace I already have and folding it in half. If you don’t have a necklace, you can print a pattern online or free hand a pattern on white paper. (I ran out of chalk, and white eyeliner can be your friend in a pinch. PS. It won’t stain the fabric.)

Step 2. Trace the necklace on the paper for your choice to create a pattern.


Step 3. Fold your felt and fabric in half and set the pattern on the fold. (cutting the fabric on the fold will allow you to cut out both sides of the necklace at the same time. It will also ensure that the necklace is symmetrical)

Step 4. Glue the felt to the wrong side of the fabric according to your fabric glues instructions. Once dry to the touch cut the ribbon in half and glue the ribbon to the backside of the bib.


Step 5: Arrange your shells on the bib and attach them with E6000 and allow to dry.

Optional Step 6: I wanted to add something to the bottom of my design and give the traditional fabric and shells a modern feel. You can skip this step if you just want shells. With a needle and thread sew the chain to the bib being sure to secure each link by adding as many stitches until the link stays in place without sagging. If you notice the thread is getting caught try wetting a piece of soap with water and running it over your thread.
Word to the wise you could also attach the chain with e6000, I was trying to be fancy!

DSC00389 DSC00391
Outfit details: Top Ava & Viv, Skirt: K&G, Belt: Torrid (sold out online), Bracelet: DIY, Shoes: Guess (old)

For more styling ideas with African print see my Pintrest board African Print 2015
For details on how to make the bracelet check out Mark Montano’s YouTube channel “Make Your Mark.

The High Low Effect

A few months ago I was reading what trends to let go in 2015, and high low dresses were on the list. I was hesitant to post my outfit om the blog; I mean how much wisdom can  I offer being out of season. Since this is my Easter look and the holiday is coming to a close, I can let that notion go. In all honesty, I am not ready to break up with high low dresses. They have an ease that just allow you to flow from one event to the next. With summer on the way, I will take the risk of being behind. A big part of wisdom is standing in your truth and the truth is me, and high low dresses got at thing going on!!

This wasn’t a planned shoot I just took a few impromptu photos and added the garland on for a fun effect. I had no intent on sharing my Easter look since I went for a fresh everyday look. My spring/summer theme is Running Wild and Free. The idea encompasses what I want to be all season. I love the idea of everyday elegant with a touch of glam. I’m an ordinary girl, so I want to do brunch, walk through a few shops, have a drink with my girls, or go to an outdoor concert and transition with ease.  I am also addicted to statement pieces, so I cant help but let my wild side pop up. Are you keeping your high low dresses or letting them go? I say the hell with the rules let’s run wild and free!

Dress: Torrid, Belt: Torrid, Flower Garland: Borrowed from my daughter. LOL Don’t judge me.



DIY Tassel Necklace


You know what they say, if you like it then you should have put a tassel on it. OK, no one says that but I felt that way when I fell in love on with an Isabel Marant beaded tassel necklace. It felt as though we were meant to be until I realized it was $480 and we quickly realized we weren’t meant to be. The best part about a trend is that it is going to move down the supply chain. Think Meryl Streep as Miranda Presley’s speech about cerulean in The Devil Wears Prada. At some point, it will become accessible, and when it did I was internet stalking it on Eloquii, and it sold out before pay-day.
I was sad; until I took a stroll through Joann’s Fabrics, and found these faux leather tassels!!! I bought them and knew that with a little wisdom I could take fashion into my hands!
For this project you will need:
Pre-made tassels
Chain of your desired length
embroidery floss four packs and two different color
Jump Rings
Tape of any kind
Two hair pins or bobby pins
Optional: jump rings

Step 1. Lay out you chain and then measure a length of embroidery floss twice the length of the chain cut and repeat until there is no more embroidery floss left. Continue until there is no more floss left in the pack. Be sure to keep your two colors separate

Step 2. Tie the embroidery floss in a knot around the first link on one end of the chain. Tape the knotted end to your workspace.

Step 3. Braid the embroidery floss under the chain alternating the colors by pulling the floss through the chain with the bobby pin. (very similar to using a needle and thread)

Step 4. Tie the remaining floss in a knot at the end. In all honesty, if you cut floss long enough you can tie a knot, and it will be sufficient without a closure. If not, pull out the lobster claw and jump ring and get busy.


Step 5. Open a jump ring and attach the tassel to the jump ring. Select where on the necklace you want the tassel. Attach with a jump ring to the chain and close the jump ring. Repeat this step with many or as little tassels as you like



Torrid: Shirt, Torrid:Sunglasses

If you make a tassel necklace, I would love to see!!  Post a picture on Facebook or Instagram #ohwizeone

Word to the wise

If my tassel necklace isn’t your style check out other tassel inspiration on my pintrest board. To get a better look at the for braiding technique check out the video from youtube that inspired me here: