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When I made my New Year’s resolution to have a lifestyle/fashion blog and take it to the next level, I totally underestimated how cold it would be. Being a mid western girl, snow is always welcome in December it goes so well with my Christmas decor. After the holidays the winter weather sets in and I begin to daydream about what spring and summer will bring. While using mental escapism aka online shopping I came across this cute black dress from Boohoo. Boohoo Plus has fashion forward dress options at awesome price points! The front tulip detail and flowy fabric give the dress good movement while updating the high/low craze from last season. (which I am totally not ready to give up)

Buyer beware Boohoo is based out of the UK. The long trip stateside left my dress with a ridiculous amount of static. Even after a good spritz of Static-guard I decided to save this look for the first sign of spring. I thought it would be a great transitional wear now, wear later outfit. Boohoo has luscious things on the way if you haven’t already check out the Nadia Aboulhosn X Boohoo Spring Collection, The Curvy Fashionista has a really great overview of the collection which launches this Monday.

I usually name my wardrobe inspiration for the season. This winter was Chunky Lisa Bonet. This summer I want to live somewhere between Marilyn Monroe and Diana Ross in the 70s. Until I have a offical name I will just greet the new weather by saying “Hey spring, hey”. I can’t wait to chronicle more wisdom from the Wize One. I will be posting more outfit looks and some special diy’s so stay tuned!

Dress, Boots (similar),  Necklace (similar), Rings (similar), Sunglasses

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